Chiropractic Program Overview

During the first visit, Dr. Haddad gathers important information about your condition. A complete history is taken, a back and/or neck exam is performed and imaging studies are reviewed. A spinal strength test is often performed as part of the evaluation. Dr. Haddad encourages questions during this consultation and strives to provide you with an understanding of your particular condition. At the conclusion, a treatment plan is created that addresses your needs, provides only necessary care, and accommodates your busy schedule. Dr. Haddad will determine and order necessary imaging studies or diagnostic tests (X-rays, MRI, etc).

Treatment visits, designed to meet your needs, may include the following: special stretches to the spinal muscles to increase mobility, spinal adjusting for relieving fixations and stiffness, aerobic exercise, targeted spinal strengthening and core stabilization to increase overall back or neck performance, proprioception exercise for balance, inter-segmental spinal traction to relax the spine after exercise, water massage, heat, ice, or medical massage therapy, from a Licensed Massage Therapist on site, for headaches, muscle spasm, tension, tender points, . Dr. Haddad will closely chart and monitor your progress and continue to tailor the program to treat and address your specific condition.

This unique spinal strengthening program typically concludes within 6-8 weeks of active participation, depending on your condition. The goal is to reduce your pain and inflammation, restore pain-free range of motion throughout your entire spine, and increase your spinal strength levels so you can get back to Living!

At the conclusion of your treatment: Dr. Haddad will give you a custom home exercise program that will help maintain your results. Most patients are able to keep feeling great with only 30 minutes of exercise per week.