Frequently Asked Questions

“What makes the Spokane Spine Center different from other clinics or traditional chiropractic?”

We are on the cutting edge of conservative neck and back treatment. By keeping up to date on the latest research, we provide therapies to promote your independence and reduce the need for future doctor visits. Dr. Haddad is trained and certified in a University of Florida program that is used to treat neck and back patients in medical offices all over the world. The difference in coming to the Spokane Spine Center is that you see the doctor at every visit, not just the first before being handed over to an attendant. Dr. Haddad takes the necessary time on every visit to fully address your needs. Our philosophy is to treat patients with the respect they are entitled to, thus producing good word of mouth in our community. In addition, Dr. Haddad works with a network of other spine care professionals in the Spokane area. By using a team approach, the best combination of interventions can be coordinated through one office.

“What if I don’t want to be ‘cracked’?”

The adjustment of the neck by a licensed chiropractor has been proven safe and effective for pain relief and headaches. However some people are uncomfortable with the sound of the adjustment, or just don’t like the idea. For these people, it is possible to use other hands-on techniques to get the neck moving again and the muscles relaxed without performing the traditional spinal manipulation. It is the highest priority that my patients are comfortable and informed throughout their treatment. The program can be completed successfully with those who would not normally go to a chiropractor.

“Once I start going to the chiropractor, will he want to see me for the rest of my life?”

Some chiropractors use a passive adjustment only model. This may involve a rather lengthy treatment plan of months to a year. Here at Spokane Spine Center, I attended and am certified in the University of Florida School of Medicine’s spinal rehabilitation program to increase the actual strength and integrity of the spine. We offer MedX neck and back, core strengthening equipment, which is some of the most advanced and researched in the world. The program is completed within 6 to 8 weeks, after which you are released with a home exercise program. You are then free to follow up at your convenience for any future needs.

“I feel fine except when I have to go to work or work around the house.”

This is my favorite. If you plan on a life sitting in front of the TV, then this line of thinking is fine. However if you plan on working, golfing, gardening, playing with your children, etc, it would be a good idea to be pain free with physical activity.

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