Success Stories

Read just a few of our success stories. We love helping our patients get back to their normal life with chiropractic treatment. It is extremely rewarding. Please contact us with your testimonial.

succ_joan“I was in a car accident, had a whiplash, and came to the Spine Center to treat my injuries. The people there were very, very nice, and the Doctor and his equipment for muscle strength made a big difference and took a lot of my aches and pains away. I had a quick recovery, especially through my neck and shoulders. I feel better now than even before the accident. I would recommend this clinic to anyone who has neck and back pain. The Spokane Spine Center will take care of you.”

Joan R., 73 years old, Spokane, WA

succ_naikita“I was in a car accident on Valentine’s day, and I was in a lot of pain. Since I have been coming to the Spine Center, I have been feeling better and better. The staff is friendly and the service is great. After 8 weeks I am done with my treatment and I feel great! If you are in pain, I would recommend coming to see Dr. Haddad and his staff. This place is awesome!”

Naikita D., 21 years old, Spokane, WA

succ_ricardo“After my car accident, my back pain and leg pain was terrible. I had back surgeries years ago and was worried I needed another. After treating with Dr. Haddad, the pain in my leg is gone and the pain in my back is hardly noticeable. I am now back to work full-time at my two jobs. I recommend Dr. Haddad to anyone who’s had back surgery. His treatment works.”

Ricardo C., 36 years old, Spokane, WA

succ_tom“I have had seven low back surgeries and have gone to every kind of physical therapy you can think of over the past six years. My life was on hold. After coming to Spokane Spine Center and working with their program, I have gained more energy and am back to fishing and doing the things I love to do. I recommend anyone with back pain who thinks they have tried everything to call Spokane Spine Center. This is the best place I have ever been.”

Tom S., 48 years old, Badger Lake, WA